HYPNOPOLIS | A BMW Original Podcast

HYPNOPOLIS | A BMW Original Podcast

Episode 04 Bonus Scene: Last Words

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You just can't get enough of HYPNOPOLIS? Extend your fun with unexpected insights into the lives of Hope, Leon and McNulty. Each bonus scene contains valuable information for those who listen closely. Enjoy!


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About this podcast

The story of HYPNOPOLIS takes you on a thrilling adventure in the year 2063. In this brave new world, all court judgements are based on an artificial intelligence called “The System”. And instead of receiving a prison sentence, the convicts are put into a deep sleep. The crime rate has dropped to almost zero, injustice seems to be a thing of the past. But when journalist Hope Reiser is woken from a thirty-year sleep penalty she has served for the murder of her husband, she is convinced of her innocence and believes that the real murderer might still be out there and watching her. And as she tries to find her way in this alien future, she starts fighting to clear her past! // HYPNOPOLIS is the first ever fiction podcast series from BMW. It was created in Munich, Hamburg, London and Venice (Los Angeles) for your entertainment. To learn more about the world of HYPNOPOLIS visit bmw.com/hypnopolis-podcast

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