HYPNOPOLIS | A BMW Original Podcast

HYPNOPOLIS | A BMW Original Podcast

Season 1, E01: Woken | A BMW Original Podcast

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Hope is woken from her sleep penalty and has to risk everything if she is ever to sleep again. // Woken from her thirty-year sleep penalty, Hope Reiser struggles with the physical and psychological consequences of her long stasis. Having no friends or family left, she visits a rehabilitation group and tries to catch up on the current state of technology and society. But though her parole conditions prohibit her from investigating, she has an urgent need to find out what really happened three decades ago. Unable to let the past stay buried, she makes a decision that may threaten her very existence. // HYPNOPOLIS is the first ever fiction podcast series from BMW. To learn more about the world of HYPNOPOLIS visit bmw.com/hypnopolis-podcast


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About this podcast

Enter the world of HYPNOPOLIS in this thrilling futuristic adventure series. In this brave new world, where artificial intelligence has reduced crime to almost zero and sustainable technologies are cleaning up the planet, there are still human threats lurking in the shadows. In season one, investigative journalist Hope Reiser wakes from deep sleep and must go on the run to clear her name of murder, and in season two, special agent Glyph Frieden joins forces with cyber-criminal, Jason Lin, to prevent a deadly terrorist plot. In the world of HYPNOPOLIS, anything can happen… and frequently does.

Special: Season 2 can be played as interactive podcast with your Amazon Echo. Ask Alexa to “Start Hypnopolis Interactive”, and join in on the adventure. Just remember... the future is in your hands.

// HYPNOPOLIS is the action-packed, award-winning fiction podcast series from BMW.

It was created in Munich, Hamburg, London and Los Angeles for your entertainment.

To learn more about the world of HYPNOPOLIS visit

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